Tips to make baking easy

Tips to make baking easy

Baking is a super fun and indulging activity for both kids and adults. Be it as a hobby or as a profession, baking brings forth immense gratification. Here are a few quick and easy tips to make baking a wholesome experience and create irresistible baked goods.

The trick is to store some mixes and batter powders. If you want baking made easy, keeping some baking mixes, frozen or fresh mixed fruit, crumbs and chocolate chips is always the best idea.

Keep the basics ready
Baking becomes a lot easier when you all the essential ingredients ready at hand. Making a trip to the grocery store just to pick up a few ingredients can often put you off baking. Make sure you stock your kitchen with the most used items while baking, like flour, cocoa, baking powder/soda, butter, eggs and chocolate. This will help you whip up some basic desserts whenever you want.

The first step of most baking recipes require you to preheat the oven. This is the most essential because it allows your cake batter or cookie dough to settle faster. The oven usually takes a lot of time to heat up, and waiting for it just to heat up isn’t something we’d want. Hence start preheating your oven as you as you begin assembling all the ingredients. This way, your oven would have reached the right temperature just when you have to put in the cake batter or the cookie dough. Pre-planning always makes your baking experience a lot more seamless.

Bottom Rack
It’s basic knowledge that the rack that is at the bottom of the oven receives most amount of direct heat. Hence placing the tray on the bottom rack would make the baking process a whole lot faster. It’s best to put in as many trays as possible in that bottom rack.
Batches: When you bake, you may at times realize that you have a lot of batter left. Most often you cannot store batter as the ingredients may be perishable. It’s always best to bake it in batches. Cupcakes, muffins or cakes even, just bake them in as many batches as possible and store them well. Some of the things you bake like cookies may also lose their freshness, so be sure to check on them often.

Fruits are a must have
Fruits generally are very healthy for your diet, and while baking, they can be an incredible addition. Most recipes these days use a lot of fruits. Hence, keeping them handy at home, would save a lot of time. Frozen fruits last longer, so buying them in bulk would be best advised.

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