4 GoPros for different recording needs

4 GoPros for different recording needs

Have you considered investing in a GoPro camera? If so, you need to understand that just paying for the latest model is not the right way of knowing which one suits your needs. There are a plethora of GoPro cameras in the market, and each of them sports a unique, state-of-the-art spec sheet. So here’s our list of four unique GoPro cameras for you to pick from to suit your requirements.

Hero9 Black
As of 2021, the GoPro Hero9 Black is one of the latest designs from its makers. The 2.27-inch rear display makes this model bigger than the Hero8 Black. The camera can record amazing video in 5K up to 30 fps and the best-in-class image stabilization system. The camera also features a front-facing color LCD screen which is perfect for those looking to frame themselves while vlogging and even taking selfies.

Hero8 Black
We agree that the GoPro Hero8 Black is an older model, but it still is a value-for-money action camera. You can record 4K footage up to 60 fps as well as take surreal photos at 12MP. This GoPro also has an in-built mount that makes attaching accessories a whole lot easier. Also, just like the Hero9 Black, the 8 is designed to latch on with Media, Display, and Light Mods, all of which enhance user experience.

Hero7 Black
The GoPro Hero7 Black was the first model equipped to record video in 4K at 60fps. To a depth of 33 feet, this camera is waterproof, making it an ideal model for underwater shooting. The Hero7 is an older model that needs to be fitted into a case if you need to mount it to other accessories. But this factor has enabled sellers to offer the product at a discount when compared to its younger siblings.

The GoPro Max redefines the way an enthusiast vlogs with its 360-degree capability. This model can record videos in all directions at resolutions up to 5.6K at 60 fps. Its HyperSmooth feature renders the smoothest video even in turbulent conditions. You can also link real-time footage on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube among other platforms with its Live Stream functionality at 1080p resolution.

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