3 different types of cell phone covers

3 different types of cell phone covers

A cell phone cover is the first and the most important accessory every cell phone owner should spend on. These cases and covers protect your device and keep the body of the phone looking new.

Apart from the difference in style and the looks of it, phone cases also vary depending on the degree of protection it offers. Here are the popular categories of cell phone covers and their uses to help you choose the right one for your device.

Cell phone socks

These are the most common and basic category of cell phone covers. They are made to fit phones of different brands within the same size category. Some of these covers may be advertised as LG cell phone covers or as the cover for another particular brand, but there is a good chance it may fit phones with the same dimensions from other brands as well.

Fitted cell phone covers

These kind of cell phones are another common category of cell phone covers that are available in a number of colors and patterns. These covers are offered at affordable as well as really high price ranges depending on the degree of protection it offers. LG cell phone covers or covers for any other brand are easy to find in this category as they are available for almost every smartphone in the market.

Folio and flip cases

These cases are the more stylish variety of cases that protect the phone from every side and are great for those who drop their devices often. The folio cases also serve as a wallet as these have little pockets in the flap to store money and cards. There are a few options for Samsung cell phone covers that one can get from the phone manufacturer itself.

Depending on whether you buy a phone cover from the phone manufacturing company or from a third-party manufacturer, one will need to replace the cover at certain intervals. For example, original LG cell phone covers for specific models may last longer than a mobile sock or case that has been designed to fit various models of cell phones.

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