4 free websites to feed your TV show hunger

4 free websites to feed your TV show hunger

It has been the decade of TV shows with “Netlfix and chill” being one of the most engaging activities of the summer. Watching full tv episodes online one after the other till the sun slowly starts to creep out of the blue sky is a routine for most millennials. TV shows have taken the grip of most content on TV with at least one mind-boggling series in every genre. Netflix might be a paid entity, but there are many other sites that can give you access to watch full TV episodes of your favorite shows online.

Here is a list of a few websites that can help you watch full tv episodes online.

This platform is one of the most popular ones around the city. With a large database of almost all of the latest as well as vintage TV shows, this website could be your one-stop-shop. You can make a quick search on the website if you have a show in mind. If not, you can choose from the ones on the website. Select a category of your choice and then you can choose the show that you would like to watch. The website also went through a makeover which makes it look like a premium service.

Popcorn Flix
You might be in for a few ads if you choose to resort to this platform for your dose of TV show entertainment. Although the ads are the only source of income for the website. You should be able to find almost all the latest TV shows on this platform. The added advantage comes with the availability of an Android and iOS app.

This website not only allows you to watch full tv episodes online but also has one of the best collections online. Another advantage is the high quality that is provided by this website. You might be taken aback by the HD quality of the latest as well as old TV shows. Along with watching them online, you can download them as well. However, for this you will have to register as a user on the website. The website also works on multiple domain names and proxy making it easy for you to access it even if your internet provider has blocked some websites.

You would want to switch to this platform if you are one for keeping a track of your TV shows. The website gives you a high quality of full tv episodes online and allows to make watch lists so that you can keep track of your shows. As it is a free service, you must get used to being approached by a few commercials on this platform. On this platform, however, you will have to create an account even to stream content.

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