4 Popular LG Cell Phone Covers to Choose From

4 Popular LG Cell Phone Covers to Choose From

A stylish phone cover is a proven accessory to render a smart look to your phones. It acts as a shield to your phone against dust, moisture, and damage in case the cell phone falls off the table or gets damaged for various reasons.
If you own an LG phone, then you have nothing to worry because LG has launched its own range of cell phone covers. This post is a good guide for you if you looking for a phone cover for your LG cell phone.

Here are a few LG cell phone covers that are available in the market.

LG Quick cover for LG V20

This LG cell phone cover CFV-260 is available in black and silver colors. This cover is designed with precision as the detailing makes the user have easy access to the phone which also ensures safety. With this LG cell phone cover on, the user can also check the date, weather, time and battery status on the phone. The phone cover does not hamper the process of answering or declining calls or snoozing alarms when you want to sleep some more. Notifications can be viewed conveniently as well. As you open the cover, it unlocks the phone automatically. This LG cell phone cover is priced at around $49.99. The sleek design of the cover does not make the LG cell phone bulky, thus, retaining the sophisticated design of the model.

Touch-enabled LG cell phone cover for LG G5

This is the latest addition to the LG cell phone cover family. The Quick Cover case has been designed exclusively for LG G5. The semi-transparent mesh cover has extra features. The best part about these LG cell phone covers is that the user has no reason to open the phone case for receiving or dialing calls and for snoozing the alarms. Users can even check the date, time, weather and battery status with the cover closed. If you are wondering how this is possible, well, then the answer is that this LG cell phone cover has received an Always-on-Display second screen. With the noble purpose of enhancing the look of the latest LG G5 cell phone, the Quick Cover has a special film with a shiny metallic coat. This provides maximum resistance to the cell phone from scratches.

Genuine leather back cover for LG G4

Priced at just about $69.99, CPR-110.ACSPOG is available in five attractive colors which include pink, red, orange, yellow and sky blue. This LG cell phone cover provides a firm grip and protection to the phone against scratches and dust. The shock absorbing capacity in case of any accidental incidences is also worth highlighting. The lightweight leather material of the phone cover makes the cell phone look elegant and is durable. The user can access all the buttons on the phone without facing any hardships. The product material is prepared with vegetable tanned, whole grain quality leather. This LG cell phone cover is meant for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and U.S. Cellular LG G4 models only. From the date of purchase, there is a limited warranty of 30 days. This LG Cell Phone cover guards the cell phone against any accidental shocks or bumps.

LG – QuickWindow Folio Case

Available in black color, this LG cell phone cover is for LG Lucid 3 mobile phones. The phone cover is a proper fit so that you do not get loose pockets on the sides of the mobile phone where dust might get accumulated. This Folio styled cell phone covers come with a one year warranty. The camera cut-out lets you click amazing pictures without any pain of blurry pictures due to a poor cut-out for mobile cameras. It also provides adequate protection to the camera from direct contact with the surface. This LG phone cover also offers a good grip for the user and an excellent shock absorption to add extra protection to your LG phone.

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