4 top bathtub designs for your bathroom

4 top bathtub designs for your bathroom

Enjoying a soothing, bubbly bath is an absolute bliss we all crave for. There are several brands that offer designer bathtubs that promise the latest features for an invigorating bath time. But do you know the designs you can choose from? It’s a good idea to stay updated with the designs, before you plan to buy a new one for your bath or if you want to replace an old one. Here’s a list of top 4 designs that are doing the rounds these days.

Alcove Bathtub
Easy installation and inexpensive price tags, these are a few benefits of an alcove-style bathtub. A typical alcove bathtub comes in a 60-inch size. Unconventional alcoves can range anywhere between 53 and 72 inches. Such bathing tubs can fit easily in a three-walled enclosure and are best for space utilization. Bathrooms that have paneled or tiled walls can have space for an alcove tub that can be installed with a tub or shower combination. High-end alcove tubs can range between $500 and $600.

Corner Bathtub
Adding luxury to any bathroom space, corner tubs come with hefty price tags. These spacious bathing tubs provide enough space to accommodate 2 or maybe 3 persons at a time. One popular variant of corner tubs is the triangular bathing tub. However, the word triangular is a misnomer, as the tub is five-sided and not three-sided. Corner tubs have a number of issues to be dealt with. Firstly, they take pretty much time to fill-up owing to the spacious built. Secondly, corner tubs require a large amount of bathroom space for accommodation. Corner tubs may not be the right option while selecting a bathroom tub for home use. However, these tubs are excellent for spa therapies and hence, are used at exquisite resorts.

Drop-in Bathtub
A deck structure is required to accommodate drop-in bathtubs. These tubs can be installed within an alcove as a bathtub replacement or upgrade. Such tubs feature a separate rim. The tubs don’t necessitate three-sided enclosure and provides an open bathing experience. Compared to alcoves, drop-in bathing tubs require more space for installation and are slightly more expensive. A typical drop-in tub can cost anywhere between $600 and $700. These bathing tubs come in a variety of colors and are build to blend in perfectly with almost any bathroom decor.

Freestanding Bathtub
Traditional bathing tub, also known as free-standing bathtub, is unconnected to any kind of surface. These bathing tubs require a big bathroom space. The best reward for using a freestanding bathing tub is the great freedom of movement it offers. Such tubs add antiquity to the bathing space. The antique bathing tubs can be installed on a three-sided enclosure. Freestanding bathtubs are expensive and can cost anywhere around the $2000 mark. Clawfoot and slipper tubs are cataloged as traditional bathing tubs.

A bathtub can cost anything ranging from $500 to $5000 or even more, depending on the type and size. Before purchasing a bathing tub, make sure to highlight all your requirements to make the best choice possible.

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