5 best side-by-side refrigerators to check out

5 best side-by-side refrigerators to check out

Are you looking to buy the best side-by-side refrigerator but are not sure which one to buy? There are numerous brands and types available for refrigerators, but choosing the right one may be tricky and challenging. A side-by-side refrigerator is a good and affordable option if you want to store fresh food on one side and frozen food on the other. Let us detail the top five side-by-side refrigerators you can pick up this summer.

LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator (LSXS26366)
This refrigerator has a capacity of 26.1 cubic feet and is available in stainless steel and black stainless steel finishes. It has an external water and ice dispenser in the freezer door, which features digital temperature controls. The distinctive energy-saving third door on the refrigerator is also available. It also has the door-in-door trait that allows you to conveniently access food products through the refrigerator door without having to open it fully. The external dimensions of this refrigerator are 35 7/9 x 70 1/4 x 36 5/16 inches.

Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator (WRS321SDH)
This side-by-side refrigerator from Whirlpool has a 21.4 cubic feet capacity and is available in black stainless steel and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finishes. This side-by-side refrigerator helps easily and conveniently organize, maintain, and view the freezer and refrigerator. It offers an amalgamation of LED lighting and neat glass shelving, a useful feature of this refrigerator. It has exterior filtered water and an ice dispenser. It also has crisper drawers and a compartment to store around six cans to better organize food. Its external dimensions are 32 3/4 x 66 1/4 x 33 5/8 inches.

GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GSS25GSHSS)
This model from GE falls in the best affordable, spacious, and versatile refrigerators category. It has a capacity of 25.3 cubic feet and comes in a stainless-steel finish. It has built-in ice and water dispensers and two large crisper drawers to keep your vegetables fresh. For cheese and deli meats, there is a smaller drawer. This refrigerator’s interior is highly spacious, and the whole design is nicely organized. Its dimensions are 69 x 35.75 x 32.75 inches.

KitchenAid Side-by-Side Refrigerator (KRSC703HPS)
This refrigerator model from KitchenAid comes in the stylish and small refrigerators segment. 22.6 cubic feet is its capacity. It has advanced features, such as it comes with a programmable dispenser. The deli drawer is beneficial in keeping cheese and meats at the right temperature. Its LED lighting system helps you to find items conveniently as the multiple lights are placed strategically to serve this purpose. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator (MSS25N4MKZ)
It does not come with a water or ice dispenser, but it has other features worth considering. The capacity it offers is 24.9 cubic feet. Around 15 cubic feet of this space is for fresh storage and ten cubic feet for frozen storage. As far as the interior of this Maytag model is concerned, it has bright LED lighting and seven bins in the freezer.

If you buy a side-by-side refrigerator, it would be best to consider numerous factors such as price point, capacity, and other advanced features. These types of fridges can be a good idea in the summer, especially when there’s a lot to store, such as ice creams.

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