5 factors to consider before buying a garden tiller

5 factors to consider before buying a garden tiller

Garden tillers make for an essential gardening tool. The task of preparing your plot for sowing the seeds becomes efficient and faster when you use a garden tiller. It is very helpful in destroying the weeds in the plot as well. It is the best tool for mixing the soil with minerals and compost. For all these reasons, every passionate gardener would like to have a garden tiller in her or his garden tool collection. If you’re planning to buy a garden tiller, make sure you look out for garden tiller for sale in your location. Here are five points you should consider before buying this tool.

Know your garden
The size of the garden is one of the factors that you need to figure out when you plan to buy a garden tiller. To till a smaller garden, an electric tiller would be sufficient. But be sure about the length of the chord and the power source to connect to it. For a bigger garden, a gas powered garden tiller makes a better choice. Also, know the type of soil you have in the garden. If it is loamy soil, a less powerful tiller is enough. However, for a rocky and rough garden, choose a more powerful one.

Find out if it’s made for you

While you consider buying a garden tiller, know how easy it is to handle it. It should be comfortable for you, and this is a major factor to consider when it comes to garden tillers. There are different factors that decide the easiness of using the tiller, out of which the weight of the product and power source are important. Electric tillers are easier to handle than those powered by gas. This way, you will know what questions to ask the dealer when there’s a garden tiller for sale

Now your budget

The price of a garden tiller ranges from as low as $100 to the highest amounting to $3000. One of the major factors that influence the price of a garden tiller is the power of the engine. Know what would be a fair price, when you spot a garden tiller for sale. The unit used to denote the power is horse power. Once you know how much you can spend on the tiller, you can choose the powerful one from the price range. It is better not to waste money on a low-quality tiller as you may incur maintenance and repair charges. You can consider buying a cultivator if you are on a tight budget.

Find the space to store it

Do you have enough space to store the tiller in your garden tool shed? Answer this, before you find a garden tiller for sale, because you don’t want to regret later. That should also be taken into consideration as you are not going to use the tiller every day and require a space to store it for future use. Finding the perfect spot to store the garden tiller can be a bit difficult if it is a bigger and powerful one. Have an idea of where to store the tiller before you select the tool for your garden.

Safety and maintenance

Lastly, make sure the garden tiller is in good condition. It should be able to work in the tough soil. The durability of the product should also be taken into consideration. Also, know the warranty terms and conditions from the manufacturer of the product.

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