5 Things to get from Hayneedle coupon 20 for your room

5 Things to get from Hayneedle coupon 20 for your room

Hayneedle is a leading online home furnishing and decor company. Right now they have just announced some really exciting offers and discounts. The most exciting one is the coupon to get 20% discount on bedroom products. You can spice up your bedroom with these 5 awesome products from Hayneedle.

Nothing is better than sleeping. To do that you should sleep on a bed of your liking and taste. If you’re looking for a new bed, then look no more. Hayneedle has a wide range of bed varieties you can choose from. There are many types of beds based on the following categories.

Size: The sizes available are twin, full-double, queen and king.
Style: The styles available are traditional, modern, farmhouse and cottage,
Design: The designs available are Platform beds, Murphy beds, Storage beds and Canopy beds.
Materials: The beds available based on materials are Wood, Metal, Upholstered, and Leather.

Dressers and Chests
People always tend to keep things that are valuable, closer to them when they sleep. If you think that you need a good dresser or chest to keep your precious stuff, you should check out the models available at Hayneedle. There are many models like Media chests, Bachelor chests, Traditional chests, Modern chests, and Mid-century chests. There are also chests and dressers based on the finishing. The popular finishes are white, black, distressed and cherry.

Nightstands are perfect for keeping books, documents, alarm clocks, flower vases and your phones before you go to sleep. There are many types of night stands that you can choose from based on your taste. They are White finished, Black finished, Espresso finished and Cherry finished. You can also choose them based on their features which include Touch Lighting, Soft close and Charging station.

Wardrobes and Armoires
If you have a really good collection of clothes you definitely need a good wardrobe to keep them. Hayneedle has a good collection of wardrobes and armoires. There are many types of wardrobes based on types and materials such as Oak finish, Double Door type, Extra Space and with Drawers.

A bed is never complete without a headboard. Headboards are used with beds to prevent people from colds and drafts. They are used in buildings that are less insulated. That is the reason, headboards are made of insulating materials such as wood, brick or stone. They let the cold air to sink on the floor than the bed. The different types of headboards available are upholstered, wood and metal. They can also be selected by size. There are also headboards with features like tufted, nail head trim, with Storage/ bookshelf and slipcovers.

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