6 factors to consider while purchasing a designer carpet for your room

6 factors to consider while purchasing a designer carpet for your room

Planning to buy a designer carpet for your living room or bedroom? And, are you confused among so many types and varieties? Relax! It’s not a rocket science, there are certain things to be kept in mind while choosing a good deal. The position of the carpet, intensity of traffic/footfall and budget are some important factors to consider while choosing a designer carpet or a luxury carpet. In a living space, it must be low-pile tuft for withstanding higher traffic, whereas, for the bedroom, you can afford some luxurious carpet where soft pile can endure slippers.

Durability: Check this aspect primarily when you’re purchasing. Check the thickness, durability, material quality as well as the weight of the pile. Press the thumb tightly into it, if it springs back and recovers promptly, it’s resilient and dense.

Types: There are two kinds of carpets- woven and tufted. The former ones are manufactured by conventional loomed techniques and are labor-intensive to give it a premium finish. Naturally, it is quite expensive. Whereas, the tufted one is widely popular and is manufactured easily by needle-punching the pile into the base texture. This sort of carpet is found in looped, cut or in both forms.

Density: If you’re buying a carpet for a high trafficking area like the hall, drawing room or stairs, the carpet has to be dense. The density is understood by the intensity of the knitting of each fiber against another. Check the back of the carpet to observe the space in between the tufts and if you see large gaps, it means the carpet will lose the resilience more quickly.

Weight: Weight is an important aspect which helps you determine whether the carpet will meet your demands. Watch the weight of the fabric. It’s mandatory to mention the weight at the back of the carpet. Those ones with elongated loops as well as strands weigh less in spite of looking heavy.

Colour: Dark colors are good for living space where people come and sit, kids play and the rug goes through high usage. For the bedroom, light hues look best. Maximum retailers let the customer borrow a few specimens prior to buying a particular one. They even provide the estimation and measurement services for clients. Notice the specimen in darker as well as lighter shades of the room (including floor, wall color and texture) for getting a proper idea in natural lighting. Check how fast it gets back to its shape after pressing with thumbs.

Budget And Measurement: Fix a budget for your carpet, and check whether the wool carpets or the modern ones fit within the budget. Calculate the width and length of your living or bedroom which must cover the under-stair space, bay windows as well as door recess areas.

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