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Why would you need to take out a joint home insurance policy?

Most insurers define accidental damage as an unintentional one-off incident that harms your property or its contents. Most standard policies cover key items like home entertainment, but there may be varying exclusions depending on your insurer. Your need depends on your circumstances many accidental damage claims come from people with young childr

Why should I buy dental insurance?

It is generally recognized by healthcare practitioners that oral health plays an important role in overall health. However, like general health care, the costs of dental care can be expensive. Dental care can be as simple as a twice-yearly checkup, or it may involve oral procedure, getting a full set of dentures, or needing a crown, any of which ca

Why does one require travel insurance?

Travel Insurance provides you and your family medical, financial and other assistance in case of an emergency or untoward circumstances while travelling on an International Trip. No matter what you are: a business traveler or a leisure traveler: you are now safer with Overseas Travel Insurance which protects you from unfortunate events such as loss

Why is Auto insurance needed?

It's illegal to drive with no car insurance. Without it you can't tax your vehicle, and it provides cover for you, other motorists and members of the public. Read more in our beginners' guide to car insurance.