A list of the best TV Internet packages

A list of the best TV Internet packages

Satellite TV is a part of almost every household now. It was the penetration of the Internet which made it reach a higher level offering packages that combine both. Many cable junkies find it challenging to cut the cord of the cable and depend on the Internet completely. However, with evolving technology, you rest assured about the high-speed Internet and quality entertainment offered by Satellite TV via these five TV Internet packages available in the market. Choose any of the top five options based on your interest:

Charter Spectrum Double Play Select
We recommend this plan for people who want to keep their HD channels intact in their package and enjoy great Internet speed. Costing $89.98/month for 12 months, this particular TV Internet package includes 125+ HD channels and even offers download speeds going up to 100 Mbps. The modem is inclusive in the package and you also get access to thousands of on-demand channels.

Premier XF Triple Play by Xfinity
If you are up for making a two-year agreement and can afford to shell out $159.99 per month on entertainment, then this is the ideal TV Internet package for you. This plan includes more than 260 digital channels and also offers stalwarts like Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO. The download speed goes up to 250 Mbps and has millions of WiFi hotspots available for your perusal.

Starter XF Triple Play by Xfinity
The premier package by Xfinity is priced at roughly $160 which is steep for some consumers to pay. If affordability is a big factor for you, then you can even go for the slightly lesser priced plan which comes at $99 for the first two months. This plan is inclusive of over 140 digital channels and even includes ESPN, TBS, and HGTV. It offers you a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and also free access to various WiFi hotspots across the globe.

Optimum Premier TV+Optimum 400 by Optimum
This bundle does not only offer TV with Internet but also combines a great deal for the phone. The plan starts at $129.99/month (basic for 2 years) and offers over 340 digital channels. The biggest highlight of this plan is the download speed which is around 400 Mbps. If this is not enough to convince you then they also throw in a 1-year subscription of Netflix in the plan making it worthy of the value.

Gold Triple Play by COX
The Gold Triple Play by COX is priced at $129.99/month for 12 months and comes with a 2-year agreement. Additionally, this plan offers you over 250 channels and also includes various on-demand titles. The 300 Mbps download speeds advance up your entertainment and the unlimited local calling is also a great addition to the bundle.

All the aforementioned TV Internet packages help you save up on additional costs of the cable while paying money for the Internet too. The combined deals are great and you definitely can opt for the one that has maximum offerings of your choice.




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