All you need to know about pay as you go mobiles

All you need to know about pay as you go mobiles

Pay as you go (PAYG) mobiles are simply prepaid mobile phone that you can own without tying any contracts with the mobile phone company. It is more flexible and convenient to use and offers a number of advantages to the customer. You pay in advance for the services you will be making use of like texts, calls, and data which mean you have the freedom to change or end the deal anytime. Hence it is sold hugely among people who do not make many calls, by youngsters who are unemployed and students who are away from home and wish to stay connected with parents.

Reason to choose PAYG

Pay as you go mobiles can help you to take control of your expenditure on phone without any monthly bills. To buy a pay as you go mobile is not a big deal as you just need to buy a phone and take a pay as you go sim to go with it or you can keep your old phone and buy a new sim and a pay as you go plan to top it up.

Prepay services

On the assumption that you have bought your prepaid mobile on credit purchase, you will have a time limit of 120 days from the date of last credit you added and if you have not paid the credit before expiration the remaining balance will get depleted through expiration. There is no compulsion to have a credit balance on your phone though some operators offer reward points for recurring top ups.


They are very cheap to use, almost every network provider sells a pay as you go plan for their customer because it beats the sales of the post-paid phone as it is used only by business class people and folks who could afford to pay such hefty bills. Your money never goes a waste as you pay only for certain amount of services that you will use. They are free from contractual obligations, no early termination fee, you have the freedom to choose and change the plan or the provider whenever you want. As it is used mostly by people who are unemployed, without permanent address and credit card which makes them popular amongst travelers.

Major complications

You may not be that kind of a person who is always on phone but you might seem to pay more for calls and messages. The network might get cut while the phone is on roaming. Your services might be limited unlike the freedom you get in Post-paid phones, international calls may be blocked, there might be chances of connectivity issues and slowing down of internet speed when overused.

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