4 different types of bathroom vanities

4 different types of bathroom vanities

After a long and tiring day, all you would want is a refreshing bath to get rid of stress. But coming back to a bathroom space which is shabby and unorganized can be quite disappointing! However, this situation can be fixed by installing the right type of bathroom vanities.

A bathroom vanity is a combination of storage spaces and a sink. Currently, there are several types of bathroom vanities available in the market. The designs are unique and different from each other, which are perfectly tailored according to every owner’s home. You just need to choose the one that suits you best. So let us deep dive into the various types of bathroom vanities that are available:

  • Pedestal sink: This type of sink is well known for its minimal area occupancy. This free standing sink, looks both neat and cool at the same time. There are again numerous designs that will fit your storage ideas.
  • Wall mounted sink: As the name goes, this type will provide you with some extra space below the sink. However, due to its suspended feature, additional pressure on the sink could pose a risk.
  • Under mounted with storage: If you want your bathroom to look posh and stylish, then this type would be perfect. The contemporary design and the solid feel will be a fascinating factor. However, there will be no space available below the fixture.
  • Vanity cabinets: Vanity cabinets are one the common choices for homeowners. This could be because it is quite flexible in terms of concept and storage. The selection of the design will be majorly influenced by space available in the bathroom.

The options of bathroom vanities are vast, and you can choose the one that will complement your space and personal style. However, look for simple yet functional pieces as a flashy design might dominate your bathroom interiors.

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