Beddings and their types

Beddings and their types

Types of beds depend upon factors such as area of the room, number of occupants, and whether who is going to use them. Choose a bed that does not occupy most of the room area and makes it look congested. There are twin beds that are 39″x 75″ in dimension. They can accommodate a single individual. If the occupant is an adult, there are XL twin beds with larger dimension. They are normally used in smaller size guest spaces or in children’s room in a household.

Double bed as the name suggests is meant to occupy two individuals. With a dimension 54″x 79″, they were intended for double occupancy, but since they are a tad bit larger than twin beds, they tend to be a snug fit for two adults. That is where queen size beds came into picture.

Queen size beds are a popular choice among couples who want a double bed with even larger dimension’. With a dimension of 60″ x 80″, queen size beds can be a perfect choice if you want a larger bed and save some room space (as compared to king size beds) at the same time. Some individuals buy a queen size bed exclusively for themselves as they like spread out.

King size beds are of the same length as the queen size beds are only 16″ wider. You can opt for a king size bed if you have a room with larger area, master bedroom as we call it.

Unless you want a custom bed made for yourself with even bigger dimensions, California king size beds have larger dimensions than king size beds. They are normally designed for people who are taller. They are a whopping 72″ long and 84″ wide. California king beds can also be used by couples who usually share beds with their kids and pets.

So choose the bed that best suits your bedroom space and your comfort. Other types include; Futon bed, they are a traditional Japanese style beds that have mattress placed on a wooden frame. Futons can be made into a seating arrangement by folding the bed halfway. They were traditionally made with cotton but later on they were replaced with synthetic foam. Bunk beds and loft beds are type of single bed. While former has single size bed one atop another the latter has no bunk bed below. Instead, that space can be used for storage or occupy a desk.

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