Top 4 laptops that are worth the money

Top 4 laptops that are worth the money

Upgrading to the best laptop that meets your needs and requirements does not have to be an expensive struggle. However, the problem is that there is an array of laptops available in the market.

So, which are the best laptops in 2021? Here, in this article, we will address them one by one.

Dell XPS 13
While we are on the topic of the best laptops in 2021, the Dell XPS 13 ranks top on our list. Because of its perfect weight, size, pleasing visual appeal, and performance, it is a perennial favorite of the users. Anyone who desires the greatest and the latest Intel processor will appreciate the Dell XPS 13. The laptop is available with the 11-gen Core processor Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 options. You can also find good options in memory and storage.

MacBook Air
Apple’s latest MacBook Air M1 is undoubtedly one of the best laptops from the brand. It is truly the best laptop that money can buy. The potent ARM-based Apple M1 chip powers the Macbook Air M1 laptop. It is a lightweight and beautiful-looking laptop, which assures spectacular performance and a long battery back. Once you have charged your laptop, it can give you a good 11 hours of backup.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
It is a flagship Windows laptop and is equipped with some premium components combined in a svelte chassis. The laptop is equipped with a bloatware-free, clean Windows 10 install. So, if you seek a premium laptop to work from anywhere, anytime, this can be your go-to pick. It has a comfortable keyboard. The laptop assures a long battery backup of over 10 hours. Thanks to the 3:2 tall display ratio, you can conveniently edit and read the documents comfortably.

Google Pixelbook Go
Google Pixelbook Go is undoubtedly one of the best Chromebooks. With a price starting at 649 USD, it is Google’s latest release in the Chromebook category. Like the other Chromebooks, this, too, functions on a Chrome-based OS, which utilizes its proprietary apps. Moreover, the laptop is capable of running certain Android-based applications too. In addition, Google Pixelbook Go comes with a small solid-state drive (SSD). The only drawback about this laptop is that compared to the other Chromebooks, this one does seem a little pricey. But, you certainly get good value for your buck, as this one provides you with a better battery backup and is certainly lighter than most competitors. Hence, it is easily one of the best laptops in 2021.

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