The 3 currently reigning best cell phone companies

The 3 currently reigning best cell phone companies

A Smartphone is an essential accessory in today’s world. Before buying a smartphone, a typical user tends to have a look at its features as well as the cell phone manufacturing company. The best cell phone companies make sure that they introduce new and upgraded features to attract more users, and most of the time it is the name of the brand and its history that encourages people to buy the smartphone.

Here’s a list of the best cell phone companies across the globe and also some of the much awaited and promising new models of 2017

Oneplus came into the limelight after the launch of Oneplus 3. This model was a revolution and was branded as a ‘flagship killer.’ It was released with 6 GB RAM and a Snapdragon processor. The cell phone company also released Oneplus 5 around June 2017. The Oneplus 5 also has remarkable features which include a 6G /8GB RAM, a 20 Megapixel rear camera. The Oneplus 5 is powered by a 1.9 Gigahertz Octa Core processor.

2. LG
LG, a South Korean electronics company, is well known for its innovative and creative designs of smartphones. LG G6 is one of the recent models to be released in 2017. LG G6 is an upgrade to the previous version LG G5 which was released last year. Some of the astounding features of the recent model include a metal finish body, sleek design that renders it waterproof, and a 5.7-inch screen – which is bigger than the iPhone 7 plus. Additionally, LG G6 also sports an inbuilt version of the Google assistant and boasts of supporting and expandable memory up to 2 terabytes.

3. Lenovo
Lenovo is a Chinese cell phone company which has a global presence. Its operations span across more than 60 countries. Lenovo has been a strong contender among the best cell phone companies globally since it purchased the well-known Japanese mobile phone company Motorola, in October 2014. Some of the much-awaited product by Lenovo of 2017 are the Lenovo ZUK edge, ZUK Z2, K80, ZUK Z2 Pro and Phab 2 Pro.

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