Best hybrid cars – A new-green technology initiative

Best hybrid cars – A new-green technology initiative

With the surge in gasoline prices affecting car owners’ pockets and environmental pollution causing a constant rise in global warming at an ever increasing rate, the birth of hybrid cars has contributed majorly to fuel efficiency and pollution control. Although gasoline prices keep varying, in comparison to a traditional gasoline/diesel car powered by internal combustion engines, the advent of hybrid cars since 1999 has thrived on the advancement of technology to ensure that by using both the old-school engine with electric motors these cars can be fuel-savers for regular everyday commuters who travel quite a long distance. Apart from the fuel perspective, these cars also have other exclusive advantages for regular drivers like easy navigation at closed traffic, incentives from the federal government through tax credits, exclusive right to use the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes when stuck in traffic, and definitely the added advantage of a good resale price.

Although the market is still fluctuating in terms of steady sale of hybrids, Honda and Toyota have ensured that their hybrids have all the features similar to the traditional cars for only a minimal higher price so as to ensure that their customers go for the new green technology associated cars as an alternative to save the environment while people can still be able to use the luxury of a car. The hybrid cars are no different from the other regular combustion engine cars except for the dual gas/electric powered engine present exclusively in hybrids. Although most experts think that the hybrid cars are just a transition technology, yet the sales of these cars along with the ardent customer systems have proved that the hybrid car ranges from top brands are popular with drivers who want to save big on fuel and for those who care of emissions into the environment. While the car comes packed with advancements like regenerative breaking and smaller engines with reduced fuel dependence, these cars are on the costlier side in terms of both purchase and maintenance.

Priced at around $20,000 – $30,000, some of the popular hybrids are the Toyota Prius C, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry. These family sedans offer a wide range of comforts and accessories for drivers apart from being some of the top most fuel efficient cars in the recent decade. On the higher price tags beyond $50,000 side, some of the most sought after cars that have the access of luxury along with powerful fuel efficiency are the Lexus LS 600h, Tesla Model S series, and BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid.

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