Choosing and paying for investment advisor services

Choosing and paying for investment advisor services

If you are one of those people who plan well in advance, while you are young and able to save money, or prefer to wait till closer to your retirement, to consider hiring the professional services of an investment advisor, whatever the case may be, here are quick tips for you.

To get expert advice regarding your savings and recommendations for receiving a steady flow of income even post retirement, from your investments, choose your investment advisor wisely. Ask a lot of questions. It is important you have abundant knowledge about the investment advisor because you are going to trust him with your hard earned money. What school did he go to and what are his qualifications?

Does he have a registered practice? What has been his employment history? How many years experience does he have in this field? What is the demographics of his clientele? What services does he offer? How does he want to be compensated for his guidance? Will his investment advice be a one time deal or will he be open to a long term association?

Enquire in detail about the necessary qualification he has to have to be an investment advisor, the QCF Level 4 and also about additional assessments he has taken, like for pension transfers and equity release. Is he a restricted or independent investment advisor? That is, would he be able to offer a broad range of investment products and give you unbiased, impartial and open minded advice based on an exhaustive and honest analysis of the financial/economic markets? Is he able to understand your financial goals and give a solid plan for your monies that you approve of? That he mentions explicitly, his charges in respect to the services you engage him for, is a prerequisite for any investment advisor.

Money does not grow on trees for anyone. Including you. The person you are going to hand over custody of your funds, for multiplying and saving for your future needs, must be principled and trustworthy. So select your investment advisor intelligently.

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