Diet tips for patients with depression

Diet tips for patients with depression

When depression comes a calling, there are a number of causes related to it. Poor physical health, trauma, hormonal imbalance and other such reasons may be at the root of it all. Yet, there are a number of ways in which one can effectively deal with and manage the various symptoms of depression. The key is to use all these measures in combination so that they have a positive impact on various aspects of your life. This will help in effectively lifting you from feelings of hopelessness and despair and improve your mental health. The diet is one of the most important ways in which one can tackle depression along with other measures. So here are a few diet tips for those dealing with depression and mental health problems.

Proteins found in Meat: There are a number of good proteins that are found in food like lean meat. You can try chicken or even turkey to lift your spirits visibly as the tryptophan content begins to work its way to your system. This chemical helps in increasing the production of the happy hormone we all know as serotonin.

Dry Fruit: With a high content of omega three fatty acids, dry fruit like almonds and walnuts can do a world of good for your mental health. It helps patients suffering from depression in particular because it has many heart healthy saturated fats which can also promote the good health of the brain in general.

Fish: Fish like mackerel and salmon contain plenty of omega three fatty acids which promote better circulation and brain health. This leads to a good balance of the hormones and aids those who are suffering from depression. So, you must bring in a good dose of fish at least a few times of the week when it comes to your menu.

Dairy: Low-fat yogurt and milk are ideal for fighting the symptoms of depression due to the combination of protein and Vitamin D. It also contains peptides which generally promote a sense of well-being and help in curbing stress levels.

You must speak with a doctor before you create a diet plan so that it does not interfere with any medication you may be taking for your condition.

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