Essential qualities to look for in water heating equipment

Essential qualities to look for in water heating equipment

Ranging from a build-up resistant built to flaunting a digital display, the qualities of a water heater make it a truly great unit to have. The following section highlights the essential traits that every good water-heating unit should feature.

  • Build-up resistant builtOne of the biggest issues that water heaters eventually run into is the problem of mineral build-up. The scale build-up adversely reduces the lifespan of a water-heating unit and obstructs its normal operation as well. While most of the tank water heaters come with an anti-scale feature to minimize the scale build-up, there is no shortage of inexpensive, low-quality water heaters with no or little consideration to the problem. Thankfully, one need not invest in a stellar unit. Going for any water-heating unit with 10-year or more warranty ensures protection against the scale build-up problem.
  • Corrosion-free tankThe issue of corrosion is prevalent in tank water heaters, especially in the traditional units. To avoid the problem, look for tanks made from stainless steel or featuring an anti-corrosion lining on the inside. Different water heaters come with different levels of corrosion protection. While some offer partial protection against the problem, others are protected fully against corrosion. The latter ones cost a little more than their former counterparts.
  • Digital displayMost of the modern water heaters come with a digital display to give you a heads up on what exactly is going behind the scenes. A digital display gives you information on the temperature and pressure inside the water heaters, along with other vital information about the water heating operation. Some high makes even allow you to make use of a timer to schedule the water heating operation.
  • Drain valvesDrain valves are present at the base of a water-heating unit and facilitate draining the heater while using the unit together with a garden hose. There are two types of drain valves, one made using fragile plastic and the other is a sturdy brass built. Needless to say, brass drain valves are preferred because of their durability. However, plastic builds can fulfill small gardening water requirements too.
  • Extended warrantyOne of the most benefiting features of water heaters is their long warranty period. A typical water heater, irrespective of its type, comes with a long warranty period ranging anywhere from 5-10 years. A longer warranty period is another way of assuring that the unit will not run into any issues when used within the limits confined for its operation. It also ensures the unit owner to get proper compensation for manufacturing defects. Some top-tier water heaters come with warranties as much as 15 to 25 years. You need to pay a little extra for bagging these units than their shorter warranty makes.

A great water-heating unit not only lets you enjoy a refreshing shower, but also fulfills your hot water requirements for a long time. So, choose wisely.

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