Features packed with the Amazon Cloud Cam

Features packed with the Amazon Cloud Cam

Technology has transcended over the course of time, and it wasn’t a surprise when the giant technology company dived into the deep waters of home security. With a plethora of iconic devices, the company stunned the tech world with the new Amazon Cloud Cam, an indoor security camera. This device packs a smorgasbord of features that are both amusing and excellent if you are looking for simple wireless security system to keep your home secured and safe.
Have a look at some of its features that will leave you spellbound.

Sharp detailed viewing – What good does a security camera do if the video footage lacks picture quality? The Amazon Cloud Cam has an impressive image quality that will enthrall you with sharp detail, color accuracy, and balanced lighting. With wide-angle view ability, you will never miss out on slight movements in your home.

Motion sensor – This is one of the most notable features of the Amazon Cloud Cam. The camera starts recording every motion as soon as it detects one. You will be alerted through a push notification. What’s more? The sensitivity can be adjusted as per one’s preference. Most importantly, you can set the intervals or the occurrence of activity to receive a message via the app.

24-hours of recording – The Amazon Cloud Cam is built to store up 24 hours of recorded clips, enabling you to view footage that is recorded on a total of three cameras. However, you can opt for larger storage by paying an added premium for a monthly or annual subscription.

Geofencing – The device is enabled with a Geofencing feature that lets you deactivate the camera when you are at home. Likewise, the camera also switches on when you leave the house. All these functions are automatically carried out through the app.

The incredible part of the Amazon Cloud Cam is its upgrade ability that helps the device keep up with future technological trends.

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