Get ready to play with the right nutrition and Nike Air Max 90

Get ready to play with the right nutrition and Nike Air Max 90

Apart from the right sportswear, sports shoes like Nike Air Max, and a good trainer, there are a number of aspects including nutrition which can fuel the body to perform well and endure on the field. Getting into the fitness mode requires proper nutrition because as per many medical reports and doctors, 90 minutes of physical activity requires a great deal of nutrition for the body to function properly. So follow this guide to get your nutrition right if you are into athletics!

Carbohydrates: Many people make the mistake of thinking that one should completely eliminate carbohydrates for a fit body. But that is not true.
• One should limit the intake of carbohydrates only if the person follows a more sedentary lifestyle where there is little scope for physical exercise and appropriate calorie burning.
• If you are into very taxing sports and athletics, then you need to have plenty of this food group. This is due to the fact that the body will change this into fuel by processing it into glucose and glycogen, which is then stored in the muscles for sufficient endurance.
• Yet, at the same time, one should avoid starchy food a few hours before a game, because this might make the body slightly sluggish as it will still be processing the carbohydrates into glycogen.

The Right Amount of Protein: While protein is important for everyone, athletes require this food group in liberal doses because it helps in creating the right body mass for good performance on the field.
• Yet, one should not go overboard with protein because protein basically helps in maintaining muscles, and excess protein can easily turn into fat.
• Protein sources include eggs, milk, supplements, beans, legumes as well as meat.

Fluids: This is one of the most important things that an athlete should not miss.
• It is important to have plenty of water and juice so that you keep the body hydrated, even as excessive sweating happens during the physical toll that the activity might bring.
• One should have water every 15 to 20 minutes so that there is no scope for dehydration during the game or the sporting event.
• Also, you should replenish electrolytes that are usually lost due to sweating by taking plenty of diluted sports drinks. Avoid sugary drinks at this time as it may leave your energy levels waning after a sudden surge or spike.

Other Tips: Vegetables and fruits must be had in liberal amounts if you are an athlete because these will also ensure a more balanced diet and will keep your nutrient levels up. Apart from nutrition, it is important to take care of your body with plenty of rest when you are not on the field. Give yourself a good night’s sleep and then get on to the field with all the right gear like Nike Air Max 90 shoes, which will keep you comfortable and secure as you indulge in your favorite sport.

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