Here’s what you must know about cell phone plans for family

Here’s what you must know about cell phone plans for family

Buyers always look for bargain deals. In a family these days, everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, and other devices which work on mobile networks. Cell phone carriers also make plans for everyone and that includes a plan for a family too.

More and more carriers are coming forward with their own plans for families. Cheap cell phone family plans are in demand as buyers do not have to buy separate plans for each individual family member.

How does a family plan work?

In the best cell phone family plans, the family shares the data bucket and then depending on the carrier, the data is distributed. In a family plan, the families can use the data for cell phones, hotspots, video streaming, and tablets.

Family plans are beneficial if you have maximum usage and also works out cheaper. The benefits of a family plan are:

  • The user gets bulk discounts as he can connect multiple phone lines to a single network.
  • A buyer can add as many as nine lines on a single bill.
  • The user can keep a tab on the data used.

The best cell phone family plan belongs to T-Mobile where the user gets unlimited data or international travel. T-Mobile was the first to introduce the family plan and other carriers followed suit. In a family plan, each member gets their fixed share of data.

If you are interested in a low-cost carrier, then they too have their share of decent plans. Boost mobile tops the list with its prepaid plan of 6GB shared data for two lines with unlimited text and voice calls for USD 55 per month. It even includes nationwide texting and calling, 480 p video streaming, and unlimited music streaming. Boost runs on Sprint’s 4G carrier. Once your data exceeds its limit, the speed will be throttled till the next billing cycle.

Opting for best cell phone family plan works best for families who are looking to share the data and come under the same network. This also helps to consolidate the billing and one can get cheap cell phone family plans.

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