How Ready Are You for Your German Shepherd Pups

How Ready Are You for Your German Shepherd Pups

According to the American Kennel Club, German Shepherds are the second most popular breed of dogs in the country. Placing second out of 190 dog breeds is quite an achievement. German Shepherds are strong, brave, intelligent, loyal, and fearless. These qualities make them ideal for families. German Shepherds have inspired many legends through their acts of daring bravery, heroism, and loyalty. Give them your love, respect, and care and see how they return the favor with absolute devotion and protection. Equally true is the fact that you should be willing to give them adequate time as well as care for them emotionally, physically, and financially. Most people buy German Shepherd puppies from American Kennel Club or certified breeders. Many breeders sell German Shepard pups along the road. It is highly recommended not to patronize them. Instead, you can choose to adopt German Shepherd puppies from rescues and shelters.

Factors to be considered before getting home a German Shepherd puppy:

  • German Shepherds live for 10-12 years with good care. The cost of a purebred pup from a good breeder could be anywhere between $500 to $1200 approximately. You could also get them from a rescue or a shelter. You will have to assess your financial situation because you will have to spend on food, vaccinations, accessories, and grooming. If you find the costs prohibitive, you should wait till you can afford a German Shepherd puppy. Purchasing a puppy from a good breeder can save you from unexpected medical costs.
  • German Shepherds were bred to guard livestock on farms. They thrive on physical activity. If your living circumstances do not give you the freedom to spend some time to play, walk or run with the pup, you should choose another breed. All the unreleased energy can make a German Shephard puppy unruly.
  • You also have to spend adequate time and energy to train the pups. They respond very well to training.
  • It would also be wise to consider whether you need a male or a female pup at an early stage. While it may not sound like a big deal, some owners eventually give their pups to a shelter because they feel like they made a wrong choice regarding this. Undoubtedly, personality traits differ between the sexes. Males tend to mark their territory (which can be controlled with training). Females are more delicate and protective towards the family and her litter.

Make sure that the puppies are at least eight weeks old before taking them home. A healthy pup will adapt to your new home comfortably.

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