How To Maintain Weber Gas Grills

How To Maintain Weber Gas Grills

Grilling can be fun, but its maintenance surely can take a lot of time. This is something people rarely consider while buying a grilling machine. The maintenance of a grilling machine is important to ensure that the machine lasts and that you eat healthy and safe food at all times.

How Can You Maintain Weber Gas Grills?

Food particles often stick to the machine, leading to a poor grilling experience. The uneven heat and low temperatures can become its add-ons hindering the entire process. For this sole purpose, you need to follow certain cleaning and maintenance procedures and reduce your workload before you get down to the real job.

  • Wipe the Lid
    You should wipe the external part of the lid with a glass cleaner that is ideal for porcelain and stainless-coated products with a paper towel. Additionally, if the grilling machine is made of stainless steel, then you should use a microfiber towel to get an effective result.
  • Cleaning Burners
    For regular maintenance, you should clean the lower interior along with the burners to get rid of the grease. You can run the grill brush over the burners so that the jets are blocked. In this way, the leftover food debris and cooking grate fall into the jets.
  • Inspect Gas Hose
    You should inspect the gas hose whenever you are using the grilling machine as gas leaks are a fatal risk threat of using grilling machines. If any gas leaks occur, you can contact the manufacturer for them to take a look at the situation. Additionally, you can do the soapy water test to check whether there is any leakage any occur in future
  • Let the Residue Burn
    It is always better to leave the residue to burn, and for this, you can turn the griller to high heat for 15 minutes before you commence the grilling journey. The food particles turn into ash when the machine hits the highest temperature. This is one of the easiest ways of cleaning and brushing off the food debris that may stick to the bristle brush that is made of stainless steel.
  • Cleaning Side Tables
    If you are using gas grills from Weber, then you are generally given two side tables that you must clean using a microfiber towel. Additionally, you need to ensure that it is piled up with grain later. Mild wash detergent with warm water can be used if only your side tables are made of thermoset plastic.

Find the Weber Gas Grills for yourself

Weber Genesis II S-310 Gas grill

If you are looking for a modern and posh grilling machine, you can go with this one, which is ideal for your little backyard. Running on natural gas, the product comes with three stainless steel burners and two side tables.

  • 998 square inch complete cooking area
  • 6 stainless steel burners

Additionally, the AA battery type is good for the long haul and there is even a stainless steel lid. Designed after open cart style, the built-in lid thermometer is effective from time to time.

Weber Genesis II E-610 Gas Grill

Catering to every grilling need of people, this Weber gas grill takes up 770 square inches when it comes to the measurement of primary cooking area. There are six burners made of stainless steel and it runs on liquid propane. Additionally, the unbelievable features of this grill are as follows:

  • Stainless steel heat deflectors
  • Fuel gauge – LP models
  • Igrill 3 ready
  • 10 year of warranty period. This, however, excludes standard wear and tear.
  • Infinite control burner valves
  • Cast-iron cooking grate
  • The lid is completely porcelain enameled.

If you want to look for other accessories, you can visit the official webpage of Weber to get essentials like Sear Grate and premium grill cover for the functions of the Genesis II and LX 600 Series. Additionally, for the same model, you can get a rotisserie, premium globes, and a griddle.

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