Pros and cons of a windows laptop

Pros and cons of a windows laptop

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, there are always some negatives with the positives. And this is particularly true of gadgets, which is why one needs to do their research before investing in one.

Like everything else, devices with Windows have earned both appreciation and criticism for their new features, so here is a look at both.

Laptops with Windows – Advantages and disadvantages that you should know about

If you are considering buying a new laptop or notebook, you surely must be leaning towards a Windows device. Here are some pros and cons of such devices, so that you can make an informed decision:


  • Start Menu and Sync: Most people using laptops with Windows love the customizable start screen menu, and rightly so. You can personalize the live tiles and even their sizes according to your preference. In addition, there is the option of syncing your laptop to other devices, which means you can get your personalized settings when you log in to your Microsoft account into another machine.
  • Cortana: The personal assistant is built to help you find files on your computer and a lot more. This makes working on laptops with Windows a fun and effortless experience. You can also use Cortana to find information on the Internet or control your music player.
  • Windows Apps: There are a plethora of exciting apps in the Windows Store, which have proved quite helpful in previous years. The installation process is also quite simple, another thing that users appreciate.


  • Privacy: The privacy related to using a Microsoft account has raised questions since signing in creates a record of your details.
  • Confusing update schedule: Most users are often disturbed by the frequent updates on laptops with Windows that also seem confusing at times. You can, however, choose to disable these updates.
  • Ads: The popping up of too many ads on the tiles and other apps often bother users. However, you can disable ads on the Start Menu and Lock Screen.

While it is true that Windows laptops are not entirely devoid of negatives, most of these can be handled. Advice from a knowledgeable person, a little research online, and spending some time to set up your device can help you get the best out of your gadget.

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