The evolution of lift mechanism in lift chairs

The evolution of lift mechanism in lift chairs

Following through the engaging demand for new designs and types of furniture, the finishing industry has, time and again, adapted itself to its consumer’ demands which have led to the evolution of the market. It was the latter half of the previous century that saw the beginning of the evolution of modern furnishing. It was during this time period that market encouraged new age techniques in building pieces of furniture and amalgamating never-seen-before techniques to it.

The idea of a recliner was no foreign concept to the general public. Furniture manufacturers had introduced the trend on their shelves when comfort was becoming the foremost priority, even more so than design and style. When the market found itself in the presence of modern designers who had the capability of bringing about a confluence in comfort and design, the consumer market went berserk with the craze of what we know today as lift chairs.

So, what defines a lift chair apart from a regular recliner? It is the mechanism that is housed inside the structure of the chair.

Structurally, there are three different ways in which lift mechanism can be divided. The most common type of lift chairs available are the ones which have that the hydraulics mechanisms fitted under the cushion structure of the chair. In this mechanism, the cushion platform and the sides can be raised as per the convenience of the user. The second type of mechanism is the one which is attached to the sitting base of the recliner. This enables the user to change the positions of the movable parts of the chair, such as the foot rest and the back of the structure, using a lever system. The third category is a mechanism that lies between the cushions and the skeleton of the chair. This gives the designers the opportunity to add user-friendly components for the furniture such as buttons and massagers.

The first ever recliner to boast of a motor design in its composition was first designed in the year 1961 and was immediately patented. From seat cushions which can be adjusted to a simple aspect as a barber’s seat, inspiration was gathered from all these corners of the business to create a product that is so loved and revered among commoners today.

As science progressed, the consumer group wanted something more in terms of user interface and accessibility. This is where designer worked their minds towards building what designers today term as a two-motor lift chair mechanism. This gave the designers and manufacturers the luxury to add more character to the piece of furniture that was growing in popularity and demand.

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