The lift chair demographic today

The lift chair demographic today

While it’s generally been the aging baby boomers that have been the primary target audience for lift chairs, the trend is changing. Today, manufacturers of lift chairs, massage chairs etc. are gaining traction with other demographics who are interested in buying lift chairs not only for comfort but for taking care of wellness and health issues as well. Read on about the lift chair demographic today:

Elderly and disabled people
The traditional users of lift chairs, who continue to be so today, are the elderly and the disabled. Lift chairs are essentially regular chairs which possess a safety mechanism allowing the person to lower/raise the chair in order to easily sit down, stand up, or move around on their own. Lift chairs give them a myriad of benefits including the independence that they crave for, the opportunity to remain at home rather than in a nursing home or a hospital, the ease of mobility, reduced risks of injury as well as the comfortable space which is more than that of a regular chair.

Lift chairs have been proven to be greatly beneficial to caregivers as well. For one, it frees up a lot of time for the caregiver. For instance, if someone is being taken care of and that person is able to use a lift chair, then it will free up the caregiver’s time, allowing him/her to finish of incomplete chores or just enjoy a little ‘me’ time. The second advantage is that caregivers avoid getting seriously injured. A recent study found that close to 54% of caregivers experienced injuries simply from helping assist the person they take care of. Caregivers undergo a lot of physical strain, thus putting not only their health in jeopardy but also the health of the one they’re taking care of. It is important for caregivers to take care of their health too, so if the person they’re taking care of doesn’t really need a lift chair but can navigate and use it on their own, they should do so, as many are doing it today.

Younger generation
Today, it’s the younger generation that is increasingly turning to lift chairs as an outlet for stress relief and due to desiring a healthy lifestyle, given the fact that in the end, lift chairs are medical chairs. Today, lift chairs are being sold not only at health retailers and drugstores but also in furniture stores, electronics stores, etc. wherein younger customers are buying lift chairs complete with built-in speakers and USB ports!

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