These are the types of trauma you need to be aware of

These are the types of trauma you need to be aware of

Trauma, specifically psychological trauma is a type of damage to the brain that occurs due to a distressing event. It often results in an overwhelming amount of stress, which exceeds one’s ability to cope with it.

According to subjective experiences trauma differs in individuals. This might be because of different people react to similar events differently.

Here are the types to trauma that you should be aware of

Child maltreatment
The types of trauma that come under child maltreatment include:

  • Neglect
    It occurs when a parent or a caregiver does not provide take care of the child’s need according to his or her age. Neglect includes failure to provide food, clothing, medical care, mental health treatment, education and proper supervision. This leads to child being exposed to dangerous environments, which adds to the trauma.
  • Sexual abuse
    one of the most serious type of trauma, sexual abuse includes a wide range of forced sexual behavior that occurs between a child and an adult. Genital exposure, pressure for sex or sexual exploitation through pornography are also counted as forms of sexual abuse.
  • Psychological maltreatment
    Acts that result in cognitive and mental disturbance are counted as psychological maltreatment. Emotional abuse towards the child’s academic performance that leads to negative self-image also leads to disturbed behavior. Emotional neglect, intentional social deprivation, and acts of omission against a child is also a form of emotional abuse.

Domestic violence
often seen between partners in a relationship, domestic violence is classified as actual or threatened physical, and or sexual violence. Adults in an intimate relationship going through emotional abuse are also considered to be victims of domestic violence.

War related trauma
The types of trauma under this category include:

  • Refugee and warzone trauma
    This trauma is a result of living in a war-torn territory that is affected by bombing, shooting and looting. Forced displacement to a new home due to political reasons is also considered as a refugee warzone trauma.
  • Terrorism
    It is a trauma that is inflicted from psychological and or physical damage by an adversary or a terrorist group to gain political and religious mileage.

Medical trauma
Mostly occurring in children, medical trauma is a reaction to invasive medical procedures or treatments that can be frightening and cause pain due to injury and or serious illness.

School or community violence
It is a trauma that is inflicted by predatory violence due to personal conflicts between people who are not family members. The examples of this type of trauma include shooting rape, and robbery.

Traumatic loss
it occurs due to grief that is followed by the death someone important to an individual, especially when the death is sudden and unexpected.

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