Things you should know about irritable bowel syndrome

Things you should know about irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome affects the large intestine (colon). It is a common disorder which causes constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal pain and cramping amongst other symptoms. It is very difficult to lead a routine life if you are battling IBS symptoms regularly, so here are a few essential things you must know about IBS.

Do not take the symptoms lightly at any given point in time. These are red flags and indicators that something is not right with your digestive system and there is cause for alarm. You should immediately take action and consult a general physical or you family doctor to start treatment at early stages. Most people will dismiss these symptoms as mild discomforts, which only leads to complications down the road.

Medical action should be prompt and thorough. There is a good chance that your prescription will suggest medicines for treating the symptoms, but the cause may be overlooked in the process. Diagnosis is relevant to understand the cause and treat it with due diligence unless you are planning to take medication for the symptoms for the foreseeable future.

Stress has been attributed as one of the major symptoms of IBS, which may sound a bit weird. But research shows that stress levels tend to reduce the amount of stomach acid which is essential for digestion. This, in turn, leaves undigested food particles in your gut on which bacteria starts feeding and releasing a gas product which causes bloating, flatulence and a number of uneasy symptoms. All which are mild indicators of the initial stages of IBS.

Sometimes it may seem like you are suffering from IBS but might just turn out to be SIBO. SIBO is small intestine bacterial growth, a disorder in which there is too much of the wrong type of bacteria in your intestine. The symptoms are severe when compared to IBS and are all intestine and gut related problems. There is a big chance that you might just get tested positive for SIBO, while actually thinking you are suffering from IBS.

Diet plays a key role in maintaining your overall body health and digestive systems for that matter. Too much of something good or too little of something good is not a balanced diet. This specifically applies to people who think that by reduced consumption of fermentable carbs, the gas, in turn, will be reduced. A well-balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, nutrient dense foods which are all essential for aiding in the healing process.

Whether it is IBS or SIBO, immediate and proper medical care should be taken avoid future complication and damage in the long run.

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