Tips for buying the best handbag

Tips for buying the best handbag

Be it a specialist or an all-rounder, splurging all your money on the wrong handbag can cause your woes. To prevent that, you have to do a bit of research and you should find yourself shopping for the right handbag in no time.
Handbags can give you freedom form carrying essentials hands-free or an expensive fashion statement. Depending on what you choose, shop for the right one and be happy forever.

Here are our top few tips on how to buy the best handbag.

Run An Assessment Test
Before you decide to blow your next month’s rent on the current ‘It’ bag, see what you’ve got in your arsenal currently. Are most of your handbags only tote or travel bags? Then maybe it’s time to buy a clutch or a messenger bag for a change.
Most shoppers buy on impulse and often find themselves buying the same thing – except a bit flashier with more features. Change is good and you should embrace it. Buy something different to expand your fashion repertoire.

Choose Your Function
There’s a difference between buying a good handbag and a great handbag. Great handbags are ones you use very often, almost every day. They become a part of your fashion identity. Before you embark on your handbag shopping spree, do a little window shopping and try out different handbags.
There are travel bags, tote bags, clutches, messenger bags, duffle bags, bucket bags and so much more. The fashion vocabulary is endless!

Dress Yourself Up
Whether you intend to use your handbag in winter season or in the summer, dress up to reflect the environment you are living in. To put it simply, wear the clothes you’d normally wear whilst using your handbag every day and go shopping like that. Test out your handbags by swinging them over your shoulder and trying them out.
The comfort factor is important and you shouldn’t overlook it for design.

Open It Up
Turn your handbag inside out and see if the fabric or material is as good as advertised. Chances are, good handbags look just as good on the inside as they are out. So, open it up, see how many layers of seams are and if the handiwork is good.

Put some items in the handbag. Carry it around and see. Notice how it holds up. Is it easy to open and access it? Simple enough to tote around without hassle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be your handbag dream come true!

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