Top 5 handbags every woman must have

Top 5 handbags every woman must have

There’s hardly a woman in the world who doesn’t crave for new handbags. No matter how many handbags you possess, you still feel the need for new designs and styles. Handbags come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. While black ones are versatile to complement any apparel, bright colors are meant for seasonal usage.

Features of a handbag

Most women’s handbags comprise of numerous pockets, dividers, compartments and other spaces to carry accessories and essentials with ease. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, which can range from leather to canvas to suede to foam. Some may have embellishments like beads and sequins while others have a plain yet elegant design.

Regardless of how many handbags you already possess, here are a few handbags styles that you must possess.

Clutch: These handbags are small and can it accommodate a few important necessities. This type of bags is particularly used for formal occasions and parties. You may find clutches that are equipped with detachable straps so that you can hang it down your shoulder. Some clutches have a simple design while others are adorned with elaborate designs, embellishments, and beading.

Hobo: If you want to carry all your essentials in your handbag, the hobo is your best bet. You can carry everything you want starting from your camera to water bottle and even your favorite book. The specialty of these bags lies in their overlarge size and its crescent shape. It is good for people who are in need of more space on the move.

Totes: The size of totes are similar to that of the hobo. This type of handbags typically features two sturdy handles which can be carried by hand. The shape of the bags is square and they can be made from a host of materials. Canvas totes are ideal for a beach party as they can accommodate a wide range of items. On the other hand, for a formal party, you should go for a leather tote.

Satchel: Shoulder bags are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. These handbags normally have a long and flat strap which you can hang on the shoulder across the chest. They are generally made of durable materials like cotton canvas or suede or leather. You can get satchels with a flap and buckle closure as well as a zip.

Messenger bag: These bags are typically strapped across the chest. This helps in distributing the weight of the bag across the body instead of concentrating it on the shoulder only. It has secured the top place in the latest fashion trends owing to its thick and sturdy built and incredible designs. Traditionally, messenger bags are made of canvas without any pockets. But in recent times, you can get messenger bags made of waterproof materials and hordes of pockets to suit your needs.

These are some of the latest handbag designs you must grab without any delay.

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