Top Car Batteries to Choose From

Top Car Batteries to Choose From

When you are getting late for office and your car does not start, you realize how a dysfunctional car battery can create problems for you. A flat battery can ruin your dinner plans if you cannot repair it on your own. Hence, the importance of a car battery. The most important part of the car’s engine, a battery gets the car running. Usually, a battery is either ‘flooded’ or ‘wet’ type. While flooded batteries are made up of lead plates and are maintenance free, wet batteries are comparatively cheap and completely hassle-free.

How to buy a car battery?

The life of a car battery depends on its proper usage, however, a well-maintained one can last up to five years. You should be careful and check your battery on a timely basis if it does not work even after charging. Also, do not start a car if your battery is leaking, has a cracked casing and its end walls are swollen. These are the indications to replace the battery. While doing so, you should keep a few things in mind.

-Make sure to purchase a new car battery of the appropriate size and design as per your vehicle’s make. Too small a battery can affect the functioning of your car. Similarly, the design of the battery is equally important to ensure that it will fit in your car.

-While buying a car battery, you have to be careful of the temperature you drive in. The hotter the temperature, the more strain your battery has to go through. For such cases, get a high-performance battery.

-Always make sure you get a car battery with a shelf life of six months or less. Check the manufacturer code (indicates month and year) on the battery cover before buying.

-It is advisable to get the car battery installed at the store for proper installation. Professionals can install it properly while saving you time and stress.

Top car battery brands to buy


One of the most reliable brands in car batteries, Optima has impressive starting power to start a car. Although they are expensive, these batteries have the longest lifespan and are known to work in extreme temperatures. Available in three different types – RedTop, Yellow Top, and BlueTop, Optima is perfect for SUVs, trucks, and other heavy vehicles.


Marketed by Sears, DieHard batteries are considered as powerful and premium batteries. With a lifespan longer than other car batteries, DieHard can withstand drastic weather conditions. Ideal for famous brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, these batteries provide a maintenance-free solution.


Duralast batteries are budget-friendly car batteries with excellent performance and longer life. Available only at AutoZone stores, these batteries work exceptionally well even in extreme conditions. The Duralast Gold battery is engineered with extra grids and plates to give your car maximum starting power, even in freezing temperatures.


Exide car batteries have created a benchmark in the automotive batteries market with its superior performance and easy installation. Other than four-wheelers, Exide also manufactures batteries for three-wheelers, two-wheelers, and e-rickshaws. Its SureLife Graphite Technology promises hassle-free and quick charging even when the battery is fully discharged. Capable of delivering the best even at low temperatures, these batteries can work flawlessly in stop-and-go traffic.


ACDelco is one of the best car batteries that have surpassed all the quality parameters. With zero maintenance and excellent performance, these batteries will last longer than your car. Quite affordable and with a great warranty, ACDelco is the best in the automotive battery business. Get it installed and drive smoothly for years.


Odyssey PC680 car battery provides a fantastic service life, faster recharge time, and 80% longer life cycle than most conventional batteries. It features vibration resistance that protects against the shock while increasing the lifespan of the battery. It can also withstand extreme climatic conditions.

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