Top features of Dr. Scholl shoes

Top features of Dr. Scholl shoes

Dr. Scholl, one of the world’s premiere footwear manufacturers was initiated by William Mathias Scholl, a podiatrist, in 1906. The business expanded all across the globe by selling more than one thousand foot care products. It became a member of the famous Fortune 500 in the year 1971. Today, Dr. Scholl shoes needs no introduction.

What Makes Dr. Scholl Sandals For Women So Special?
Almost all women in the mid-70s owned a pair of Dr. Scholl shoes. Today, these shoes have a lot more to offer. The insoles of these shoes are made to protect and care for the feet. The technology used to make these shoes is evaluated and modified constantly so that the shoes are perfect for every foot type. The unmatched performance of the Dr. Scholl shoes is not just about science. The design of the shoes feature cushioning for movement support and comfort for a busy pair of feet. You will not be able to feel the hard toil your feet goes through while running and walking. Here are some of the most important features of the Dr. Scholl sandals for women.

Breathable Material: Every pair of shoes from Dr. Scholl is made of mesh material which is lightweight. It promotes steady flow of air to keep your feet fresh, cool, and dry.
Powered With Free-Step Technology: Dr. Scholl shoes are equipped with powerful and flexible technology. The massaging insoles along with the minimalist outer body aids in the forward motion of the body. Also, the soft fit of the sandals takes the shape of the feet to offer an effortless walking experience.
Water-resistant: The leathers and other materials used in Dr. Scholl shoes help in ensuring that no amount of water or moisture penetrates to reach the feet.
Improved Arch Support: The best-in-class technology of Dr. Scholl shoes gets integrated with the contoured footbeds. This helps in improving the lateral support while giving flexibility and balance in the front of your feet.
Sliding Buckle Or Snap: The classic pair of Dr. Scholl shoes come with a sliding buckle or a snap so that the shoes fit the feet precisely. The smooth lining and the anatomical insole are meant for maximizing the comfort. Most women agree that they feel no pressure which is common with regular sandals. They can be worn in any terrain effortlessly.
Toe Crest: Another important feature of Dr. Scholl sandals is the toe crest. It is raised to encourage the gripping action. This, in turn aids in making the legs stronger by toning the muscles. The traction is typically made of rubber and aids in making the wearer feel steady and balanced when walking in these classic sandals.

Dr. Scholl shoes can therefore be regarded as the true legends of the footwear industry and every women should consider owning a pair.

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