Tree care tips that every passionate gardener should know

Tree care tips that every passionate gardener should know

We all like to have trees in our outdoor space. It gives us the shade and the privacy we would love to have in our garden. There are many flowering trees that do not take up much garden space but add to the grace of the home. If you are growing fruiting trees, it is another asset to your garden. What’s more, trees provide a cool environment around your residing space and there is nothing as joyful as waking up to the chirping of the birds invited by the garden trees!

No matter what trees you are growing in your garden; it requires your attention once in a while. The tree’s branches may overgrow to your neighbor’s plot or sometimes bend over your rooftop. It can grow over the power lines also. Here is all you need to know to take care of the trees in the garden.

Choose wisely
Give a thought while you choose trees that have to be planted in the garden. What do you aim to achieve out of growing trees? Are you aiming to enhance the privacy? Do you want to block light to your garden? How long can you wait for the plant to grow as a tree to give you the benefits? Get your answers clear before you talk to the tree suppliers. The site where you choose to plant the trees also matters. Trees can grow straight, in a pear shape, vase-shaped, etc. Think about the shape it takes before you plant it. Tree roots can grow deep, and the branches may get too big.

Get the right tools
Trees do not require attention like small plants do. However, you should trim the branches once in a while for the tree to grow in shape. Confused about the basic tree trimming equipment and tools that you should own? Her’s what all you would need.

  • Chainsaw: It comes in different types like gas chainsaw, electric saw, chainless saw etc. The saw that you use to cut woods in the forest is not needed for trimming the branches of your garden trees. Your choice of the saw should be based on your own requirement. Consider where you are using it and its capacity before you buy.
  • Pruner: For cutting tender and smaller branches, a pruner would be necessary. It is the best tool for shaping the branches and twigs.
  • Loppers: When the twigs are too small, you must use the saw. In case it is too big, using a pruner or lopper may be very helpful. It has a long handle and a stronger blade. You can reach to a farther height and shape the twig using loppers.

Trimming of the trees can turn dangerous if you are doing it without the necessary precautions. If the tree branches are too big and strong, do not attempt to cut them using the trimming tools. If the branches have grown over the power lines, do not attempt to cut them. Get assistance from professional tree trimmers if the branches are at a risky height.

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