Ways to arrange TV and fireplace combo

Ways to arrange TV and fireplace combo

When we enter a room our eyes are always drawn to a specific item’s focal point “ it may be a TV, painting or a fireplace. When your room has a focal point, you need to arrange the furniture around that focal point to create a symmetrical space, else it might look out of scale. Decorating your room becomes complex when it has more than two focal points. Houses in the snowy region must have a fireplace and a television to feel warm and welcoming. It is very important to balance these with two focal points by planning precisely.

Some of the ideas here will let you rock the house with the combination of fireplace and television and help you get a congruous look:

Solidarity look
Suppose you have a TV that is as wide as the area of the fireplace. You can directly fix the television above the fireplace making the two focal points drawn to one place. To have a harmonious look, arrange the room with couches facing the television and wooden moldings and detailing of the similar style. To make the place more attractive, paint the TV and fireplace area with the same color.

Side by side
In case you have a bigger television or you don’t want to place both the TV and fireplace at one side, you can separate them and place it side by side by fixing the television as the main focal point and the fireplace complementing it. Plan carefully while organizing the furniture when there are two focal points. Some of your guests would prefer to sit next to the fireplace just to embrace the warmth.

This type artistically combines the television and the fireplace on the same wall. Modern Modular homes have come up with a good storage system where you can just dump all your magazines, books, DVDs and even your TV extensions. The television can be fitted by the hearth for balance and the fireplace under the recessed cavity when it’s put off.

Texture Twist
Setting the television directly above the fireplace does not work well for textured walls. The best way to make it look cohesive is the arrange them according to the design of the texture. The extended texture makes the components subtly. The eyes are brought to meet at the focal points rather than running over.

Identical scales
If your fireplace is as big as the television you can line them by placing one on top of the other and give a style statement. As they are a perfectly sized flattery potions, they would look well combined. When you are placing the TV above the fireplace make sure it is as low as possible so that nobody cranes their neck when trying to relax and watch the TV.

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